David Bowie!

Postet av Adam og Eva Grensen den 29. Sep 2013

Sean Dawson fra Hob Salons har sammen Sebastian Professional Cult Team laget en fotoserie inspirert av David Bowie for HJ Magazine!

Dette sier Sean om inspirasjonen bak shootet:

"There are few style icons out there with as many personas as David Bowie. It is the mystery as well as the iconic looks that have always fascinated me. He’s a deeply private person who rarely gives interviews, which is a total contrast to the flamboyant identities he has portrayed.

With his androgynous look, both men and women find him attractive, and similarly both men and women can adopt his looks. Each look represents more than just clothes and make-up, and is a total immersion of a character. Even aged 66, his latest work is another demonstration of his timeless comprehension of youth culture."

Fun Fact: Sean Dawson var daglig leder for Hob Salons Camden og Hob Acadamy da Eirik / Adam og Eva Grensen jobbet der i 2009.

foto: John Rawson

source: www.hji.co.uk

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