Sassoon / Prairie The Collection / SS14

Postet av Adam og Eva Grensen den 25. Feb 2014

A hot desert wind blows through Sassoon geometry this season disturbing and provoking its iconic house codes. Inspired by the expansive wilderness of the old American West, the Prairie Collection journeys through the arid deserts of Arizona; the wild open prairies of Nevada and the raw red earth of New Mexico meeting a series of the frontier's pioneers along the way.

The Mexican vaquero or Man with No Name riding the great trails across the Rio Grande; the duster-coated preacher putting aside his pistol before a sermon's delivery; the marshall and the Amish school ma'am -- all provide a compelling tableau to launch this season's new looks. Geometric outlines are interrupted with sawtooth sectioning and barbered fades. Overlapping tousled lengths combine with extreme overdirection to create a tough texture with a storm-swept feel. Clear design is pointed into and blown about; edges are sketched and appear undefined.

Colour sectioning is flowing and organic taking its shape from the desert flowers of artist Georgia O'Keefe whose palette of bone white and carbon is combined with the artisan jewellery of the Navajo. Turquoise and tourmaline meet silver and rose gold; dusty pinks combine with smokey quartz to create subtle shifts of tone.This is Sassoon.

This is Hair Design.


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